How to style shorts with cowboy boots

11+ Ways To Style Cowboy Boots With Shorts

Curious about nailing the shorts-and-boots combo? Dive into our style guide for all the juicy tips and inspo on slaying the cowboy boots with shorts look in 2024. Get ready to own that modern cowgirl vibe!

How To Style Cowboy Boots with Shorts

We’ve been soaking up the beautiful spring sunshine lately, and guess what? Summer is almost here! It’s that exciting moment to stow away those cozy sweaters and make space for flowy dresses and stylish shorts!

Sure thing! Think cowboy boots are just for chilly days? Think again! These stylish kicks are perfect for all seasons. Whether it’s summer or winter, we’ve got the scoop on how to effortlessly pair your favorite shorts with these Western-style boots.

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Keep scrolling for some style inspo that’s chic and timeless, feminine and flirty, or bold and trendy. No matter your vibe, we’ve got a look that suits you perfectly!

Floral + feminine

How to wear shorts with cowboy boots - Floral + feminine

Rocking a timeless summer vibe, this adorable ensemble features a floral crop top paired with light-washed denim shorts. The coastal-cowgirl charm is elevated by the addition of stylish light brown cowboy boots.

The puffy sleeves and the playful floral print give off such a youthful, fun, and flirty vibe – making it the ideal outfit for a day basking in the sun. What really catches our eye is the charming contrast between the delicate, feminine floral pattern and the rustic feel of the boots.

This look is effortlessly cute and can be taken up a notch with some dainty jewelry and a tan handbag to complement those boots. Picture yourself rocking this ensemble during a leisurely patio brunch or while soaking up the good vibes at your favorite beachside spot!

Two-tone boots + mesh top

How to wear shorts with cowboy boots - Two-tone boots + mesh top

These cowboy boots really hit the mark when paired with denim shorts, giving off a cool and edgy vibe.

Rocking a black bralette top paired with a sheer mesh shirt exudes bold and youthful vibes, and those two-tone boots? Absolute perfection with these pieces. Throw in some light-washed denim shorts for a pop of brightness and ultimate comfort on a sunny summer day.

We’re totally vibing with the feminine yet daring energy this ensemble brings. Whether it’s a night out with your girls or a country concert, this outfit is a winner. Elevate it with a statement purse and some chic yet simple jewelry, and you’re good to go!

Stick to neutrals

How to wear shorts with cowboy boots - Stick to neutrals

Smooth, neutral tones always bring a touch of sophistication, and this ensemble perfectly embodies that. The refined beige blazer exudes elegance, while the ripped denim shorts introduce a laid-back, casual element.

Sticking to a neutral color palette seamlessly ties all the elements of this outfit together. The intricate stitching on the cowboy boots adds a unique flair, making a statement without detracting from the overall polished aesthetic.

If you’re on the lookout for a charming summer look that effortlessly blends style and sophistication, consider going for this combination of denim shorts and a blazer. Stick with the neutral hues for a classic vibe, or mix it up with brown, black, grey, or navy for a more diverse and personalized touch.

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Can I wear cowboy boots with shorts?

Absolutely go ahead and rock cowboy boots with shorts! It’s the perfect summer style that effortlessly adds a chic cowgirl vibe to your outfit. Whether you choose denim shorts, leather shorts, drawstring linen shorts, or even biking shorts, pairing them with cowboy boots creates a trendy and fashionable look.

The beauty of cowboy boots lies in their versatility – you can find them in various styles, from square toe black boots to shimmering silver ones. This versatility makes cowboy boots a fantastic investment because they can complement a wide range of looks.

Whether you’re grabbing a coffee, running errands, or heading to an iconic music festival, this combination is guaranteed to grab attention. So, go ahead and embrace this look for yourself this summer; it might just become your new favorite pairing!

chic + timeless

Stick to neutrals - chic + timeless

Opt for a timeless and sophisticated vibe by pairing shorts with boots. A combination of classic denim shorts and a crisp white button-up creates a polished yet stylish look suitable for almost any event!

The tall suede cowboy boots bring a touch of simplicity that effortlessly complements this understated ensemble, infusing it with a trendy and playful atmosphere. Opt for a linen or cotton shirt to ensure the outfit remains summer-appropriate, and consider wearing a white tank underneath for those extra hot days.

running shorts + oversized blazer

chic + timeless - running shorts + oversized blazer

This getup effortlessly combines sporty and chic elements with a hint of Western allure. With biking shorts dominating the fashion scene in recent years, this outfit is right on trend.

The cohesive blend of white, grey, and black pieces creates a harmonious palette, complemented by the vibrant pop of color from the purse. The fusion of elevated and casual pieces adds a distinctive charm. The combination of athletic shorts and cowboy boots exudes a relaxed vibe, making it ideal for everyday wear. Throw in a button-up and blazer, and you’ve got a versatile ensemble perfect for cooler evenings or a more polished look.

This outfit is a go-to for a simple yet stylish summer appearance – whether you’re grabbing coffee, enjoying lunch, or exploring your favorite shops.

Make it metallic

running shorts + oversized blazer - Make it metallic

Up next on our list of cowboy boots paired with shorts is this stylish and trendy ensemble.

Imagine rocking a pair of sleek black leather shorts, instantly injecting a dose of edginess into your overall look. The strapless pinstriped top brings both style and a hint of flirtiness, creating the ideal match for these shorts. To top it all off, the addition of a black blazer introduces a touch of sophistication that takes the entire outfit up a notch.

Our hearts are absolutely smitten with these metallic silver cowboy boots! They’re daring, playful, and serve as a captivating focal point, making this ensemble ideal for a romantic date night or a casual happy hour with friends. For accessories, keep it simple – a chic purse and understated earrings will do the trick. Let the outfit shine as the star with minimal extras.

Add some contrast

How to style shorts with cowboy boots

Rock those black denim shorts, a sleek bodysuit, and tall white cowboy boots for the ultimate summer vibe that’s both bold and stylish.

This ensemble is your go-to for staying effortlessly cool on scorching summer days while maintaining that laid-back, fashion-forward flair. The bodysuit brings a hint of allure, making it the ideal choice for a sizzling night out with your significant other. Want to switch things up? Throw on a blazer for a more polished look or keep it simple and chic as is.

The tall white boots are the pièce de résistance, elevating the outfit with their striking contrast against the dark tones. It’s a look that’s uncomplicated yet captivating. Cowboy boots always inject a bit of playfulness, and the snakeskin texture of these boots seamlessly blends with the overall seductive aesthetic of the ensemble!

A graphic tee + cowboy hat

When it comes to nailing that effortlessly cool summer style, you can never go wrong with a timeless country-inspired ensemble! This look not only exudes fashion-forward vibes but also ensures maximum comfort, creating a laid-back aura that’s just perfect for soaking up the summer sunshine and relishing those easygoing days.

What we adore about this Western-inspired outfit are the subtle yet contemporary details that elevate it. The strategically placed rips bring a daring element to the classic charm, while the oversized graphic tee effortlessly channels a casual vibe, letting your easygoing personality shine through.

Adding a touch of practicality and Western flair, the black cowgirl hat not only shields you from the sun but also seamlessly complements the overall aesthetic. And let’s not forget the dark brown cowboy boots – not only do they tie the entire look together, but they also ensure your feet stay protected and comfy as you navigate through your summer adventures.

Cowboy boots + a matching set

Shorts and cowboy boots -women

If you’re on the hunt for a charming summer ensemble that effortlessly blends comfort and fashion, then picture this: a delightful white linen set featuring shorts and a button-up – the ultimate summer go-to!

This ensemble exudes those laid-back summer vibes while still maintaining a polished and stylish appearance. The airy linen fabric ensures you stay cool and breezy, even when the sun is at its hottest. And let’s talk about the woven black cowboy hat – it adds a playful flair, serving as the perfect finishing touch for that Western-inspired charm.

Consider this outfit a necessity whether you’re soaking up the sunshine with friends, hitting up a summer festival, or planning a night out. It’s versatile enough to suit any warm-weather occasion!

Add a pop of color

Check out this next outfit—it’s a perfect example of how to rock boots with shorts effortlessly.

Start off with a chic combo of a black crop top and light-washed denim shorts. It sets the tone for the look, but here’s where it gets interesting: throw on some stylish black boots and a trendy vest to take it up a notch. The short black cowboy boots bring in a touch of the West, adding a subtle flair to your ensemble. And don’t forget the patterned vest, it’s the ideal way to inject some playful colors into your overall look.

If you’re feeling a different vibe, swap out the vest for a black one and experiment with a colorful pair of boots or a patterned top. Either way, this look is perfect for keeping cool and staying on-trend throughout the summer!

Ladies, if you’re looking to elevate your style in 2023, consider the timeless combination of shorts and boots. Whether it’s denim cutoffs or sporty shorts, there’s no limit to how you can flaunt these fashion pieces. Take a cue from this style guide and get inspired to pair cowboy boots with shorts for a fabulous and country-chic ensemble this season!

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