8 Best Cowboy Boot Brands in 2024

Best Cowboy Boot Brands in 2024

In recent times, several cowboy boot brands have emerged seemingly from the shadows. However, considering the constraint of limited funds preventing the luxury of trying them all, I’m here to streamline the options for you.

Presenting the top cowboy boot brands at the moment—covering the entire spectrum from the shopping experience to the final outcome. These brands serve as an ideal starting point in your quest for new boots.

A decade ago, the idea of me donning cowboy boots would have sounded utterly absurd.

Funny how time has a way of reshaping us, isn’t it?

Fast forward to the present, and I find myself not only owning several pairs of cowboy boots but also reveling in every detail—the intricate stitching adorning the shaft, the resilience of lemonwood pegs, and the enduring craftsmanship of the Goodyear welt. There’s an undeniable beauty in a well-crafted pair of western boots that I’ve come to appreciate wholeheartedly. Time, it seems, has a knack for introducing us to the unexpected joys we never knew we’d embrace.

Whether you’re embarking on your initial journey into the world of western cowboy boots or you’re a seasoned ranch-hand expanding your boot collection, getting acquainted with these brands is a must.

Here are the best cowboy boot brands that cater to both the novice and the seasoned enthusiast alike.

1. Lucchese: Best Exotic Cowboy Boots

Lucchese has been synonymous with luxury cowboy boots since its establishment in 1883. With a legacy spanning over a century, Lucchese is renowned for its commitment to handcraftsmanship and premium materials.

Each pair of Lucchese boots is a testament to meticulous artistry. From the selection of the finest leathers to the hand-tooling of intricate designs, Lucchese boots exude unparalleled quality. The brand’s attention to detail ensures a comfortable fit and a timeless aesthetic.

Lucchese consistently receives praise for its craftsmanship and durability. Customers often highlight the boots’ longevity and the brand’s ability to seamlessly blend tradition with modern trends.

In my opinion, if you’re prepared to invest in an exotic leather boot in the $1,000 range, Lucchese remains the top choice for a luxurious shopping experience.

2. Ariat: Extensive Selection

Ariat, a relatively newer player in the cowboy boot scene, has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative approach. Founded in 1993, Ariat fuses traditional Western styling with cutting-edge technology to deliver boots that excel in both comfort and performance.

Ariat boots incorporate advanced materials and design elements. Features like the ATS (Advanced Torque Stability) technology provide exceptional support and cushioning. The brand offers a diverse range of styles, from classic to contemporary, catering to a broad audience.

Ariat is applauded for its commitment to comfort. Wearers often commend the brand for creating boots that can withstand long hours on horseback while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Ariat boots hold a special place in my heart – back in high school when I was juggling various odd handyman jobs during the summers, many of my coworkers opted for Ariats.

Ariat stands out with the most extensive selection of cowboy boots by a significant margin. If you’re looking for a cowboy boot that can handle getting muddy and withstand rigorous work, I’d recommend leaning towards Ariat, especially focusing on their work line.

If you have a preference for more vibrant and flashy “dress” western boots, Ariat offers a wide selection. Personally, I lean towards more understated designs, so the bold and bright multicolored shaft designs don’t quite align with my taste, though I can certainly understand their appeal.

3. Tony Lama: Timeless Craftsmanship

With a history dating back to 1911, Tony Lama is a stalwart in the cowboy boot industry. The brand is synonymous with authenticity, using traditional methods to create boots that pay homage to the cowboy legacy.

Tony Lama boots are characterized by high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and classic designs. Whether it’s a traditional roper or a more ornate style, Tony Lama’s dedication to tradition is evident in every pair.

Customers often laud Tony Lama for its consistency in delivering boots that stand the test of time. Wearers appreciate the brand’s commitment to preserving the essence of cowboy boot heritage.

The domestically manufactured cowboy boots from this brand come with price tags ranging from approximately $250 to $635.

One of the standout offerings from Tony Lama is the Hays Full Quill, an exquisite cowboy boot crafted from ostrich skin. This singularly handsome boot not only showcases the brand’s dedication to quality but also makes a bold fashion statement.

Classic Ropers: For those who appreciate the simplicity of classic designs, Tony Lama’s range of ropers provides a timeless and versatile option. These boots are a nod to the brand’s roots while offering comfort and style for everyday wear.

4. Justin Boots: A Legacy of Durability

Justin Boots, founded in 1879, boasts a rich history rooted in the American West. Recognized for its durability and commitment to quality, Justin Boots has become a household name among cowboy boot enthusiasts.

Justin Boots are crafted with durability in mind. Using premium materials and traditional techniques, the brand creates boots that can withstand the rigors of ranch work and rodeo events. The diverse style offerings cater to various tastes within the cowboy boot spectrum.

Wearers consistently praise Justin Boots for their resilience and comfort. The brand’s ability to balance traditional craftsmanship with contemporary styles earns it high marks among customers.

The hallmark of Justin Boots lies in their sturdy construction. Whether navigating rocky terrain or enduring long hours in the saddle, these boots are designed to endure the rigors of a cowboy’s daily life.

5. Tecovas: Best Overall Cowboy Boot Brand

When it comes to selecting a singular cowboy boot brand for my shopping needs, Tecovas would be my top choice. In my opinion, they provide unmatched value for money within the realm of cowboy boots.

I appreciate Tecovas’ dedication to employing traditional boot-making techniques, including the Goodyear welt, stacked leather heel, leather sole, and driven lemonwood pegs.

I find myself in a bit of a dilemma deciding between the Cartwright and the Johnny. Essentially, they share the same design, but the Cartwright features full-grain leather, while the Johnny boasts a roughout finish.

Regardless, when it comes to cowboy boots priced under $300, I believe Tecovas provides the best quality. So, if you’re on the lookout for your inaugural pair of cowboy boots, my recommendation would be to go with Tecovas.

6. Chisos: High-End Value For Money

Chisos, though a newcomer to the cowboy boot scene, is swiftly establishing a notable presence in the industry. While Tecovas remains my top pick for offering the best overall value for money, if you have a slightly higher budget in the range of $500 to $600, Chisos emerges as the preferred choice.

All their boots feature detachable insoles, offering the flexibility to incorporate your preferred inserts if desired. However, it’s worth noting that the included insoles are inherently comfortable, requiring no additional adjustments.

Opt for a bolder boot from their collection, such as the Chisos No.1 or No.5. Although the No.6 Roper is undoubtedly a commendable choice, bypassing the detailed shaft stitching design somewhat negates the standout feature of Chisos boots: their distinctive and unparalleled appearance. The allure of Chisos boots lies in their ability to look unlike anything most individuals have encountered. It’s this distinctive design that captivates people and underscores the unique appeal of western boots in general.

7. Frye: Best Western Styled Cowboy Boot Brand

Frye proudly manufactures its boots in the USA, employing the renowned Goodyear welted construction method. The leather utilized in their boots is exceptionally robust, featuring a substantial thickness that makes it ideal for demanding activities such as motorcycle riding.

While the focus is on cowboy boot brands, it’s worth acknowledging the presence of numerous “western-style” boots that may not strictly fit the cowboy boot category. These boots, with their distinctive Western influence, warrant recognition and deserve a mention in our exploration of Western footwear.

I’m referring to engineer boots, Chelsea boots, zip-ups—styles that diverge from the conventional cowboy boot but would still complement your look.

7. Ranch Road: Most Unique Cowboy Boot Brand

Ranch Road boots captivates with its distinctive charm, making it a truly intriguing brand, especially when it comes to their cowboy boots—arguably the most unique, in my opinion.

Crafted in Spain, a departure from the common manufacturing hub of Mexico seen among most brands on this list (excluding Frye), these boots offer a departure from tradition, presenting a slightly more refined and “dressy” take on the classic cowboy boot.

While their collection boasts several impressive designs, my personal favorite has to be the Apache. The vibrant yellow stitching along the shaft adds a unique touch that I’m confident will catch plenty of attention.

8. Captain Boots: Best Square Toe Cowboy Boot Brand

Capitan boots exhibit a distinctive aesthetic that, while it may not align with my personal preference, could very well be precisely the type of boot you’re seeking.

An extension of the renowned Lane Boots, Capitan boots emerges as a direct-to-consumer brand, overseeing the entire production process within their own factory. As a branch of one of the leading companies in women’s cowboy boots, Capitan inherits the legacy of Lane Boots, ensuring a direct and uncompromised connection between the manufacturer and the consumer.

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While I personally don’t favor the deliberate use of distressed leathers by this brand, my friend had an entirely different reaction when he saw my new Capitan boots. His enthusiasm was so palpable that I decided to gift them to him, and now, those intentionally worn-in boots are his absolute favorite pair.

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